While we believe that BlenderKit add-on with its online database of assets is a huge benefit and upgrade to everybody's workflow, we believe that the truly innovative part of our service is the monetary/business model we decided to use. We call this system FAIR-SHARE.

The way we handle subscription money is simple but new. It involves some math, so we try to explain it here.

When a single user pays us (for example) 5 USD, we receive this amount with transaction fee applied (currently about 0.5 USD). We convert this money to internal credits first, these credits get split between the creators from whom the user downloaded his assets during a month period.

Each asset has a score = complexity × quality.

After a user downloads assets during the whole subscription period (usually one month), the asset scores are added together, and then the credits from the user are split with according ratios. So if a user downloads 2 assets - one asset would have the score of 100 points, while another one 200 points, we do this math for the first user: (4.5 credits / 300) * 100, which equals to ~ 1.5 Credits for the first asset. This is the base for the amount that goes to the creator of the asset. At this point, our fees are applied - fee to BlenderKit and to open-source development. This fees are different - first 50 (validated*) creators fee is 10% (basically the running costs of the server + other fees we have to pay). While standard creators begin with a 30% total fee (this fee will get smaller depending on your total creator score).

The bigger and better our database is, the more users we get on board. While you get small amount of credits from a single user, the open nature and accessibility of our database means you get many more such customers.

People who like your assets will download your assets again and again, where you always get a cut of the credits - each use of an asset in a new scene through our add-on is counted, even if the asset is already downloaded on the users hard drive. This means these little amounts you get for the uses grow with time, and if you make assets that are popular, you ensure yourself a steady income.

We reserve for ourselves the right to also award short time free memberships - for trial periods, for admins of the project (to validate the assets), and for people who actively work with us or help the project in any substantial way.

It’s possible, we make auto-conversion mechanisms so that assets can be used in other render engines and software. By submitting content to BlenderKit, you agree to this

It’s possible your assets might be offered through other add-ons in other software packages, but under same rates. If the assets would be distributed through other open-source software, the money that gets generated for open-source development will be spent to develop such software.