Uploading & sharing

Store your assets on your private storage.

Share your assets as public. Choose if to include them in the free plan or the full plan.

Uploading assets is fast & easy. For private assets, it's only one click. For public uploads, check out our requirements in order to create a great thumbnail & be smoothly found on the search engine.

Learn how to upload assets
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All public assets go through the validation process. One of our experienced 3D artists opens your file and checks it for quality. If there are no problems, the asset gets validated, otherwise, you will receive an e-mail with feedback. We always try to give focused feedback on what can be fixed on your assets. Each asset has a validation status.

What do validation statuses mean?
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Rating is good. It helps our system to give scores to assets.

The score calculation is based on quality (stars) & complexity (estimated work hours).

While rating is relative (and so is life), the median rating system gives reasonable results & allows to share subscriptions.

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At the end of every month, assets scores are added together. The subscription revenue is divided as follows:

  • 70% creators
  • 15% Blender development fund
  • 15% BlenderKit

The creator's revenue is split between the creators, based on the current score of each downloaded asset. This works the same for free assets & standard plan assets. So if you subscribe and only use free assets, you still support your favourite creators.

Read more about Fair Share system
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The internal currency is called Credits. Credits are accumulated on your profile.

Credits can be:

  • withdrawn (where 1 Credit = 1 USD)
  • used to buy your own subscription
  • donated to Blender development
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